Partnering and Investment


CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB is involved in the collaborations:

  • Commercial partner of a 25 MSEK VINNOVA consortium “Cell Therapies” (2011 -2016)
  • Collaboration with Hematology Centre, Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge to conduct a Phase I/II clinical trial in multiple myeloma patients.
  • Collaboration with Karolinska Center for Cell Therapy (KCC), Vecura and KTH Royal Institute of Technology on advanced bioproduction within the AdBIOPRO program.


CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals (CPNP) is seeking partnering opportunities for the further clinical development of its platform technology, CellProtect, an Advanced Medicinal Product based on autologous ex vivo expanded Natural Killer cells with restored cytotoxic activity. Currently, phase II studies are in preparation for the first indication Multiple Myeloma (MM). Safety and efficacy Phase I results are available.

CellProtect has a unique mechanism of action different from the treatment regiments currently used. Considering the nature of CellProtect as an autologous cell therapy product it may be used as adjunct therapy to current clinical praxis and in combination with other therapies to expand the treatment options for an improved effect, a more stringent complete response, and curative potential.

CPNP has been granted Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of MM from the EC and are planning to advance the clinical development and reach the market via accelerated/conditional approval

In CellProtect offers an adoptive immunotherapy with a potential to fulfil a high unmet medical need in MM patient populations representing different clinical stages of the disease.

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