CellProtect is a cell suspension based on autologous ex vivo expanded polyclonal NK cells with restored cytotoxic activity and is manufactured by a validated GMP method proprietary to the company.

The method has been established at Karolinska Center  for Cell Therapy, Vecura.

Scientific publications

Anti-myeloma activity of endogenous and adoptively transferred activated natural killer cells in experimental Multiple Myeloma model (Alici et al. Experimental Hematology, 2007).

Autologous antitumor activity by NK cells expanded from myeloma patients using GMP-compliant components (Alici et al. Blood, 2008).

Clinical-grade, large-scale, feeder-free expansion of highly active human natural killer cells for adoptive immunotherapy using an automated bioreactor (Tolga et al. Cytotherapy, 2010).