Mesenchymal cells

Boost Brittle Bones Before Birth (BOOSTB4) is a research study investigating the possibility of using stem cell therapy as treatment for severe osteogenesis imperfecta(OI). The treatment involves transplanting mesenchymal stem cells into a baby suffering from OI during pregnancy or soon after birth. 

CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB is one of the partners in BOOSTB4 consortium. It’s task is to provide regulatory advice for further clinical development of this innovative strategy and to investigate future opportunities for commercialisation. The company contributes to establish regulatory pathways by supporting applications for Orphan Drug Designation and Pediatric Investigation Plan – ensuring that the necessary data are obtained through studies to support the authorization of a medicine for children.

Karolinska Institutet, project coordinator of BOOSTB4 was one of the first in the world to isolate and characterize mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from human fetal tissues. These primitive MSC types are found at a higher frequency, with greater colony-forming capacity and a superior proliferative potential compared to MSC from adult sources. Furthermore, fetal MSC differentiate more readily into bone and muscle cells compared to adult MSC. Like their adult counterparts, fetal MSC are also non-immunogenic. The work done at Karolinska Institutet has shown that human fetal MSCs might have even stronger therapeutic potential than adult MSCs, and Karolinska Institutet was the first to translate this knowledge into clinical application.